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Next up:

Look out for Jamie playing in the Baggage Claim Lounge at Tucson International Airport
He's occasionally there singing some of your favorite songs in the Arrivals area
Next up is Wednesday, October 9 (in the A Lounge) and 18 (in the B Lounge)

Euro Travels

Jamie's trips, firstly to the UK and then to Austria and Germany, are over. Needless to say, he took with him all his winter clothes. along with his raingear. Well, for once, the heavy sweaters and down jackets were not needed and what a pity his umbrella broke the first day he arrived. Ah well, the best laid plans... and all that. Still, a great time was had - pie 'n' mash, Queens Park Rangers and Eccles cakes on the first trip, followed by Weisswuerst, wuerstsalat, Buergerbraue Helles, bones and happy days in a cabin on an Austrian Alp - wunderbar! But now, it's back to work.

Sunday, November 17 - 1:15pm: Civano Porch Fest
Jamie will be playing a mix of Celtic, Hawaiian and Americana songs

And then a little later...

Saturday, December 14 - 5:30pm: Luminaria Nights
Once again, Jamie will be playing at this delightful seasonal event at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

private - Friday, December 27 - 2-3pm: The Fountains
Jamie will play an eclectic mix of songs for the folks at this wonderful retirement community

Time flies! Bookings are already coming in for next July's East Coast Tour. Details to follow

Would you like him to play for you? Do you know a venue that might appreciate his music? Then, get in touch!

Jamie performs solo, with accompaniment, the Launies, Unbowed, Cobblestone and Medicinal Purpose. He plays regularly with Henry Koretzky and with Dan Possumato. He is available for performances throughout the US (including Hawaii), Canada and overseas.

If you'd like Jamie and his compadres to perform for you or you know of a venue that might be interested, please get in touch:

jamieobrienmusic@gmail.com -- (717) 802-5783